How to bet on live casino

If you are looking for the most realistic casino experience online, there is nothing better than live casino! Play real classic table games with real, human dealers!

Imagine that your pc monitor is showing a video stream with a real dealer in classy clothes suitable for a luxury casino. While ordinary casino games online simply are software simulations, the dealer in a live online casino will ensure that the game will happen physically, with a real deck of cards or a real roulette wheel. You can give instructions through the screen, and even chat with the dealer if you want that. The result is a more realistic casino experience than anything else!

Live Casino is offered for a variety of games. Primarily the classic table games. Here is a list of the most common ones:


The most popular table game. You play against the dealer, and the goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer does – as long as you don't go higher than 21 (which means you bust). Blackjack is a game of skill where it pays off to know a little basic strategy.


Another classic table game, perhaps most known for being played in Monte Carlo, but the wheels are found in practically every casino in the world. No strategy required here, it is all about luck. Choose to bet on colour (at even money odds) or straight single number (at 35 to 1).

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a relatively simple poker game where you can play against the bank. Both the player and the bank gets five cards. The goal is to form a better poker hand than the hand of the dealer. Additionally, if the dealer gets ace-king high or better (or pair, three of a kind, straights, flushes and so on), he qualifies, which means that the player will double his ante and will get paid an extra amount depending on how good his hand is. For instance, four of a kind will give you 20-1 on your money. If the dealer does not qualify, the player will still double his ante, but will not win any additional amount. Note that the player has the option on whether to play a hand or not, after the cards are dealt (just like in ordinary poker). The ante is admittedly forced, but if the player likes his hand and wants to proceed with it, he must place a separate bet. For additional excitement, Caribbean Stud has a progressive jackpot. A small portion of the ante goes into the jackpot.

3 card poker

A game that in many aspects is similar to Caribbean Stud. You play against the bank, and get a prize based on how good your poker hand is. In order for the bank’s hand to “qualify” in 3 card poker, it needs to be queen high or better.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant today, usually being played by 6 to 10 players who compete against each other. This is a fairly realistic version of the game, but here the bank is the opponent. Like in regular hold’em, you get two personal cards, and there are five community cards that both you and the bank can combine with the personal cards. Choose if you want to bet before the flop, turn and river. Just like in regular hold’em, you will do ok if you bet when you think you are ahead of the opponent.


Baccarat is a game with rich traditions. It was first played in France in the 1800s. In this game, the player tries to predict if it will be the bank or “the opponent” who wins. Alternatively, it is also possible to bet on a tie. In Baccarat, the point system is a little weird. You add the cards together and only use the right-most digit. For example, 2+5 = 7, while 7+6 = 3 (and not 13, as you would think). Picture cards count as zero, while aces count as one. All other cards have face value.